Ambitious Fuel Logistics And Exploration: Join This Week's Live Virtual Off-Road Show

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Screenshot: SnowRunner

Jalopnik’s unofficial weekly live internet truck show, Talkin’ Trucks & Gettin’ Stuck, is live again on Twitch right now as it is every(ish) Tuesday at 4 p.m. pacific and 7 p.m. eastern time. Come chat with me over there and see if my ambitious plan to explore deeper into the digital wilderness by stashing fuel all over the place pays off.

Hit this link to come check out my stream on Twitch. I’m having some technical difficulties making it embed correctly as I have in past weeks so you might not be able to see the video here. But I’ll leave the panel up in case it comes back:

My plan is to stream for about an hour, but if we get into a mission that’s just too compelling to bail on, well, we’ll keep trucking until whatever needs doing gets done.


For those of you still scratching your heads, here’s the deal: I’m beaming this off-road sim SnowRunner from my Xbox to your computer or phone. In a little corner of the screen, you’ll see my mug via webcam. Twitch makes it possible to facilitate that.

Through this platform, I’ll talk about off-road driving, trucks, and honestly, pretty much anything people in the chat ask me about. (I try to check the comments often in realtime–talking to you all is what makes it fun, after all.)


Now that you’re up to speed on the concept, the specifics: I try to execute a different mission for your entertainment, and to give the show some structure, every week. This time, my primary objective will be to bring some bricks to a farm and explore a new territory. But to do that successfully, I’m going to have to strategically position a trailer full of fuel to feed my hauler and reconnaissance vehicle.

Inevitably, part of these plans will fall apart, or we’ll get hung up on something unexpected. But the real prize is the friends we make along the way. Come Twitch with me already!