Alexa In Your Ford Lets You Order Stuff Off Amazon From Your Car

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There should never be a moment in the day preventing you from spending money, so Ford and Amazon’s Alexa web-connected, cloud-based personal assistant are hooking up to offer in-car Amazon ordering, because what if you forget that thing you remember you needed while driving before you get home?

Well worry no more! Starting this summer, Ford will offer Alexa in cars fitted with its Sync 3 infotainment system, allowing you to use one-button voice controls to check the weather, lookup a store location, or order some crap off of the internet. Exciting times.

Since Alexa is cloud based, it can sync up to your Amazon Echo at home too, offering other features like scheduling start-up times to warm up your car for you before leaving the house, check fuel levels and battery range, lock or unlock the car, and even provide the vehicle’s location if you’re wondering what your significant other or kids are up to in the car.


Of course some people have already rigged an Amazon Echo home unit to control their car, just much less streamlined.

From the car, you can instruct Alexa to turn on your home’s lights, check if you closed the garage door, and access any of your appointments or to-do lists you’ve had Alexa remember for you. Of course, a lot of the features rely on what you have your home’s Echo set up to do.

But nothing beats shopping on the move. You can shop while on your way to shop at the shops, or on the way home when the store didn’t have what you needed. Just never stop shopping.


The partnership stems from Ford and Amazon’s shared vision that our voices will become the primary way we interact with devices and services, and Amazon is also working with BMW to integrate Alexa into its models in the near future.

I just think its cool that I can continue to impulse-buy a 20-pound bulk bag of gummy bears on the way to the gym.