Amazingly, this drunk Corvette driver only lost a hand

The driver of this yellow Corvette Grand Sport alright after a late-night suspected drunk driving accident. And by "alright" we mean "all right," because she still lost her hand.

This scary incident occurred in Lodi, California this weekend when the driver of the Corvette collided with a Pontiac Bonneville at about 90 mph. It was enough force to shear the body-cladding off a mid-90s Pontiac and send the Corvette upside down 700 feet from the crash. Not sure what's more impressive.


Police say the woman was airlifted to a local hospital, the three passengers in he Pontiac somehow walked away despite having their car sliced in half. Drugs and/or alcohol is expected to be involved.

She was caught saying she'd "never thought she'd miss a hand so much" immediately prior to the accident.

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