Amazing Star Trek Van Has Spock, Boobs

Every now and then Craigslist comes through and provides something truly magical. And not magic like a way you can turn exposing yourself into a box of every Alf episode on VHS, but magical like a '78 GMC van covered in Star Trek murals. One of which features Spock, and a topless alien woman. That kind of magic. [Warning: Boobs]

The ad refers to the van as a "boogie" van, the meaning of which I'm not entirely certain. The interior is a riot of red, a curtained-off bed, a sink, and velvet so sumptuously rich you'll get the best kind of chlamydia just running your hands over it. The van's in East Vancouver, and here's what the seller says of it:

The van was built up from stock in 1979-1980, paint was done by G.S. Roy, a well known Canadian artist. I contacted Mr. Roy, who remembers painting this van as well as another for the owners cousin (that one was 'mermaid' themed. . .wish I knew where it was!). The van is a survivor and sat for years in storage owned by the same family from new to 2012 (33 years). . .I purchased it in 2013 from Ontario and shipped it out to the west coast here in Vancouver where I have enjoyed every day of owning it. NOT a vehicle for the shy, you absolutely cannot go anywhere without many thumbs up, cheers, and people waxing nostalgic about custom vans and/or Star Trek. The van currently has a little over 25,000 KM's (15k miles) on it showing on the odometer. I can't verify for sure this isn't 125,000km's but looking over all aspects of the van I would not doubt if it is true. . .it isn't perfect, but is a true survivor of an era gone by and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. I've replaced the tires with period correct BFG T/A's , installed a new heater core, brake master cylinder, tuned her up, installed a back up camera, and done all required to pass a BC (ridiculously strict and silly) provincial inspection. I've spent $3500 on the Van in the past year to make it mechanically excellent and drivable every day if someone wanted to.

I'll outline the good and bad below in each category to the best of my ability, and will take as many pics as I can to show the condition of items. Anything I missed or any questions just ask☺. I don't really need to sell the Van but as I mentioned could use the room and free time. . .you don't find something like this every day and I realize it takes a special (read as a little off. . .like me lol) person to own something like this. . .I do guarantee you will enjoy the smiles it brings to faces all around as you drive down the road and the vehicle (paint alone) could not be replicated for even close to what my price is here.

It's in good shape mechanically, and it's got murals of the Enterprise shooting a phaser in front of some giant ant-man-alien? And Bones, Kirk (I assume — he looks a little weird), and spock on the hood? And, on the other side, that astounding Spock sitting with the topless alien hooker/entertainer/space-courtesan? All for $9500?

Are there humans alive who would even consider getting a Versa or Corolla after seeing this? If you have about $10K to spend on a car, and you are capable of appreciating life beyond what a paramecium can, then why aren't you buying this van? You don't even have to give a shit about Star Trek or vans or anything. Having this as your car is a massive triumph for humankind, full stop, end of everything.

Here's an interesting thought-experiment: You have $10,000 to spend on a car — your only car. Your choices are a nicely-discounted 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage or this '78 GMC van. Just think about the different vectors your life would take with each choice. Amazing, right?


Now I'm just going to post more of the pictures from the ad here. Because, holy crap.


(thanks, Lorne!)

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