Amazing Facebook Page Shames The Most Boring Car On The Road

The new page "It's Always a Fu#%ing Camry" chronicles the daily dick moves, crashes, and bad parking jobs of America's dullest car: the Toyota Camry. It is now my favorite FB page.

Things start off with an outstanding tagline.

Turn on your left blinker on for a right-hand turn, drive 15 under the speed limit and feel free to 'create your own parking space'. The world is your oyster and we salute you, Camry driver!


You could say, "hey, don't you know that the Camry is one of the most common vehicles in America? It's no surprise that there are going to be lots of instances of Camry crashes and bad Camry parkers."

Yes, there are a lot of Camrys, but there's just a special something about them that makes their mishaps so noteworthy. It all comes down to the Camry being the most boring, dull car on the market. It is an anti-car. It is bought exclusively by people who would rather be doing anything other than driving.

This means that when you see a Camry that's driven onto a set of railway tracks, you say to yourself, "maybe if that driver cared a bit more, maybe if they had paid a bit more attention, maybe if they hadn't bought a Camry, this might not have happened."


So like this page and join in venting our nation's collective shame and disappointment of the Camry. As the Facebook page stated in a recent status update, "Spread the word so the roads of the world may be a better place!"


(Hat tip to Stef Schrader!)


Photo Credit: MBTA via Facebook via

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