Amazing Danish Auction Is Amazing

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Car auctions, outside of local municipal ones that offer up Saturns with mild vomit-staining and months of meth-urine saturation, tend to have pretty desirable vehicles. This particular one, from the Aalholm Automobile Collection and set to take place on August 12, has an eclectic and varied array of cars for sale.


Want an Isetta-like car, but find an actual Isetta too, you know, expected? You're in luck as there's a '58 Trojan Cabin Scooter, and if that's not enough egg-shaped microcar for you, there's a purple '63 Heinkel Kabine, to give you that "I'm-driving-a-giant-grape" feeling.

There's stunningly original old Beetles, there's a '63 Ferrari 250 with what may be the perfect amount of wear on leather seats, and even American iron that somehow ended up on the tiny Danish streets, a '56 Packard Convertible.

Want two extremes of Italian motoring? Then bid on this '85 Testarossa and this '39 Fiat Topolino. They'd look amazing in your garage, like having a lion and a kitten as pets.

Need an instant car collection? How about a couple of '30s cars (Chevy, Chrysler), an Edsel, and an '89 MG Maestro? That's a nice weird mix, and I bet at least one of them runs. Or want an even weirder instant collection? How about a '56 BMW 326, a Trabant with its own caravan, and a 1914 Unic Chassis? I say combine that Edwardian chassis and the camping trailer to make a third car.

Seriously, you can waste hours looking through this thing. So many amazing cars, and, for most of us, so little actual chance of ever getting them. Still, it's a no-reserve auction, so who knows? Maybe a $150 bid will get you that '54 Lea Francis you've always wanted, if you can get it home. Or maybe just go for the reproduction Wright flyer, and then you can just fly back home from Denmark, right? How hard can it be? I mean the replica has a real seat!

What's your favorite car in the collection?



So guys, I propose a discussion: What do you most want from this auction? What's your favorite thing?

Personally, I couldn't choose just one. My first favorite, however, is the Testarossa.

Next, I think I'd have to go with the Schimmwagen

After that, I'd have to go with this Porsche...

Then one of these two Land Rovers, though it's hard to decide which one I like more:

Then I found some little odd ones I quite liked a lot, this first one was a Vespa, little thing... Looks like something you'd see in India or something, but I really like it.

Then this other one, I have no idea what Adler is or anything, but it's a 2.5 liter and I saw the word "Karmann" and said "Well the styling is cool, I like it."

So there you go. What are your favorites?