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Amazing 788 Horsepower Ferrari-Slaying Volvo Wagon Seeks New Owner

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're an affluent car enthusiast who has always desired a vintage Volvo station wagon that has no problem embarrassing a new Ferrari in a straight line (who hasn't), you're in luck. The car you see here, which may be the only one in the world that fits this description, is currently for sale.


Ever since this amazing 788 horsepower 1967 Volvo Amazon station wagon made its debut at SEMA in 2006 (it was producing a still impressive 600 horsepower at that point) we've been in awe of how unbelievably well built and simply awesome this wagon is.


Mattias Vöcks—who spends his days working as an engineer for Koenigsegg—is the mad scientist responsible for this Swedish hot rod. Although the car is obviously heavily modified, it's still all Volvo under the hood—a 2.8 liter turbocharged inline six hooked up to a Getrag six-speed transmission are responsible for the wagons unbelievable straight line performance.

Equally unbelievable is the fact that Vöcks is now ready to part with this oddly beautiful monster. According to there is an asking price of $109,000 attached to the car, but the price is negotiable. We have not yet received a response to our offer of several non-essential organs and a well worn Toyota 4runner.

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