Alright, Alright, Alright! Matthew McConaughey's Longhorn Bike on eBay

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As a proud Texas Longhorn, we're wishing we could dig up the $25,000 minimum needed to buy this burnt orange beauty, or at least force the bidding upward. The bike was designed to commemorate the Texas Longhorn National Championship in 2005. It's icing-on-the-cake that it was owned by fellow proud Texas Ex Matthew McConaughey (tied with me for the sexiest Matt to attend UT). Think of it as the closest thing to being able to ride Vince Young... or don't. All proceeds from the bike will be shared equally by his "Just Keep Living" Foundation and the Texas Exes Scholarship Fund (which helped us pay rent Senior year in college). More pics and vehicle description below:

According to Matthew McConaughey, "It's a commemorative Texas Longhorn National Championship Tribute Bike, designed and custom-built by Ralph Randolph's Knockout Motorcycle Co."

Ralph Randolph, also a captain with US Airways, has appeared with the UT Longhorns Tribute Bike on this year's national Hard Rock Roadhouse Tour and has witnessed America's reaction to Matthew's hot-rod bobber first-hand.

"Especially in the heartland, where there's such a sense of pride in craftsmanship and such a love of the game [football]...There's just something this bike does to you when you notice the detail work and hear that motor rumble for the first time. It's as American as it gets."


"When Ralph and I started the project I was originally going to keep the bike", says Matthew. "But he and I decided it could get more use and raise money for the Texas Exes Scholarship Fund and my j.k. livin foundation."

According to Ralph, "It's a real sign of character when a guy gives his bike away for charity and it feels good to see something I put so much work into going to such a good cause."

Matthew hopes fans around the world will see this auction as a unique opportunity to raise money for charity, to own a one-of-kind custom Knockout Motorcycle and to show their pride in a legendary collegiate football program. "Let the biddin' begin, hook'em horns, and now and always, just keep livin'".

All proceeds will be shared equally by Matthew McConaughey's Just Keep Livin' Foundation and Texas Exes Scholarship Fund.



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"Just Keep Livin' Foundation"? How's that for the most hilariously ambiguous charity name ever? Sounds like something on Monty Python.

"The proceeds from this auction benefit BZR's 'Don't Die! Foundation'".