ALMS Reportedly Merging With Grand Am To Create One Crazy Fucking Awesome Racing Series

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We enjoy the sports car racing and famous battles in Grand Am but tend to prefer the field and races of the American Le Mans Series and never watch enough of either because of unfortunate scheduling, thus it is with pure joy and an extreme erection that we greet the exclusive news from SPEED that the two are merging into some sort of Voltron-esque super series.


This is exactly what American sports car racing needs. There aren't enough fans, honestly, for two separate series that share similar cars and fight for eyeballs and manufactures and entries. They run on similar courses and then diverge. Each year the prototype racing gets less interesting.

Fewer, better races are exactly what they need and hopefully it'll allow them to negotiate a better television deal (but keep ESPN3 please).


At the moment there are still denials and non-denial denials and no-comments, but SPEED seems to have this one locked down.

Full details on the merger are still unclear, and offers extended to both series for comment were declined, but it's believed GRAND-AM will serve as the sanctioning body for the new-look championship, which could feature a mix of existing classes from both the ALMS and Rolex Series.

The announcement is expected to come on Wednesday in Daytona Beach, Fla.

What do you want to see out of the new series? Daytona prototypes or P2? Will they crowd out the gentleman racers? What do you think? (Hat tip to Porsche9146!)

Photo Credit: Trevor Andrusko/Halston Pitman/MotorSportMedia

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Fred Smith

my advice:

keep LMP1. it's the main link to the top class of the LM24.

Balance-Of-Performance the daytona prototypes into LMP2 for a few years, then go to just LMP2

dump LMPC

keep ALMS GT. again, the ALMS needs that LM24 link

dump GTC

since most grand-am GT teams are pro-am, Balance-Of-Performance them all into a class with normal GT3 equipment.


start with daytona in january, obviously

then sebring in march, again because it's an obvious choice

long beach in april

laguna seca in may

LM24 break in june

the 6 hours of the glen and the 6 hours of indy in july

lime rock, mid-ohio, road america in august

VIR in september

petit le mans in october