All You Need To Drive A Ferrari F40: Post-it Notes And An F1 World Title

2016 F1 Champion Nico Rosberg celebrated a YouTube milestone with a dream drive

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Gif: YouTube / Nico Rosberg

It’s been five years since Nico Rosberg shocked the racing world by announcing his retirement just days after winning the 2016 Formula One World Championship. From his role as a pundit on F1 television coverage to team ownership in Extreme E, Rosberg has remained an active presence in motorsport despite ending his career as a driver. Though, he’s probably best known nowadays for his vlogs on YouTube.

Recently, Nico Rosberg surpassed the one-million subscriber milestone on his YouTube channel. He decided to celebrate the occasion with a special video where he drives his dream car, the Ferrari F40, for the first time. The only issue was that he doesn’t own an F40.

Nico Rosberg, the son of 1982 F1 World Champion Keke Rosberg, is a lifelong resident of Monaco. In the video, he described how a neighbor’s F40 always caught his eye in the apartment building where he grew up and still resides. That particular F40 was parked in the first spot in the parking garage with the shelter’s door always open.


To contact his neighbor, Rosberg stuck a post-it note on the Ferrari explaining that he was an F1 champion and driving an F40 was on his bucket list. His neighbor reached out to Rosberg, and the dream drive was on. Now, I wish I could leave post-its on cars I want to drive. The note would probably get tossed on the ground if I tried that.

Rosberg and his normal jovial personality were turned up to eleven, as you could tell how much he enjoyed the experience. He said of the F40, “You don’t get more race car than this thing.” He loved the tactile feedback that he received behind the wheel of the Ferrari, especially compared to more cushy modern supercars.

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Screenshot: YouTube / Nico Rosberg

The drive wasn’t perfect. Rosberg ran a red light on a bidirectional one-lane street, meaning he blocked traffic coming from the other direction. He was rightfully forced to reverse the Ferrari F40 up the tight Monégasque alley. All-in-all, it was another nice peek into the eccentric life of the retired world champion. Congratulations to Nico Rosberg on getting a gold-plated YouTube play button to put in your trophy case.