All The Paul Walker Crash Video Shows Is Enthusiasts Trying To Help

While a recording of the unfortunate crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas might give investigators some idea of what happened and end the rampant speculation, the video circulating now mostly serves to feed the media's need for fresh images. But if you stick around after the crash you'll see something noteworthy.

Having ruled out street racing — a storyline probably fueled by Walker's film career more than anything — we're left to wonder if a mechanical or human error was behind the crash. Not that knowing this would change much in the short term. Two people are dead, many people are grieving.


Thus the snippet of surveillance video that TMZ managed to track down (something they're undeniably skilled at) makes for good television, even though it seems to provide very few clues for investigators. There's smoke and then fire, which is exactly what we already knew.


My hope is that the producers won't cut away from this footage and will instead show what happens next: car enthusiasts rushing to the aid of the two drivers. The time between the crash and people arriving, however fruitlessly, to render assistance is short.

There wasn't much they could do, but it's obvious they tried.

Photo: Screencap via TMZ

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