Out doing some Black Friday shopping? That’s for rubes! Now online commerce, that’s the real ticket! I myself have not left my house in years, and I’m not just talking about holiday shopping here.

You too can enjoy the advantages of being a total shut-in and accomplish all of your gift purchasing thanks to the miracle of the Internet! And since we at Jalopnik are all about making your life happier, easier, and more filled with awesome shit, here are all our 2015 Jalopnik Gift Guides in one helpful place.

But first! A few of our merchant friends are running deals today you should know about. Over at Blipshift, for instance, they have 20 t-shirts plumbed from the depths of their garage on sale for the next few days that you should grab. Did you miss a Blipshift t-shirt earlier this year, only to find yourself full of self-loathing since? Now is your chance to right this wrong!

Also! For sale right now is the latest Jalopnik/Blipshift t-shirt, designed by a reader, just like you! It features a clever pun on our patented Kinja Blog-System, designed to bring delight to everyone around you!


Our pals at Autodromo also have a new Group B-inspired watch on sale in time for the holidays, and it is so sexy I can hardly stand to look at it. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into racing-style watches. I’m both a fan of Autodromo and an owner of one. Pre-orders are going on right now for the Group B.


Last but not least, our friends the father-son gearhead team at Heritage Racing have a whole store full of cool-ass motoring shirts, posters and accessories. I’m partial to this 2016 calendar myself. Check their stuff out, it’s all quite good.

Without further ado, all the guides to Jalopnik gifts that should be relevant to your interests:


For the Foxtrot Alpha reader, military historian or Lockheed skunk works aficionado, here’s all the perfect gifts for a Pentagon planner:

Truck yeah? Truck yeah. Here’s everything you need for the truck owner close to your heart, or yourself, or both:


We’re all about wrenchin’, so here’s everything you’ll need if you’re into that too:

Faster, faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death. If this philosophy guides your life, this racing gift guide is what you need most:


Two wheels good! That is what we say these days! If you’re a rider, or want to convince someone to stop being a miserable cager, check this out:

And last but not least, if your spouse, significant other, parent, parole officer or clergyperson constantly asks “Why do you spend so much time reading Jalopnik?”, at last you have something to help explain your unhealthy obsession:


Enjoy this glorious season of commerce!

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