All The Coolest Bikes Of The New York Motorcycle Show

Go-GROM! (Photo Credit: Mike Roselli)
Go-GROM! (Photo Credit: Mike Roselli)

The annual New York Motorcycle Show is on right now, and most of the major bike brands are showing off their latest and greatest vehicles for you to fart on and peep at over at the Javits Center. Take a couple laps around the floor with us and check out some favorites!


The show’s open to the public from December 9th to the 11th, but if you can’t get over there we’ve got you covered.

Two motorcycle trends we’ve been excited about, small displacement and retro styling, seem to be pretty well represented at this year’s event. I have to say, everybody’s favorite baby bike the Honda Grom is even smaller than I thought it was. As far as very lightweighters go, I’m actually a bigger fan of the Suzuki Van Van 200 which has an extra 75ccs of displacement, but more importantly, a much more adult driving position.

We shared our walk-around live on Facebook earlier, but you can still check it out since the internet is forever.

Here’s where we focused on new bikes that look old:

And here’s a little more time with the small-scale motorcycles our commenters love so much:

If you make it to the show yourself, drop your pictures and favorites in the comments!

Felt a little strange to be talking about motorcycles in New York in December, but then again, I’ve seen so many street-parked bikes up here this week I think NY bikers might be more stalwart than I originally gave them credit for.

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but more importantly, a much more adult driving position.

I’m certainly not buying a Grom because I want to be an adult.