All The Big Stuff From Day One Of The Detroit Auto Show

Photo credit: Kurt Bradley/Jalopnik
Photo credit: Kurt Bradley/Jalopnik
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1st Gear: A New Ford Bronco And Ford Ranger Are Officially Happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!


2nd Gear: Kia Debuted A 365-Horse Rear-Wheel Drive Beast, But We’re Worried No One Will Buy It


3rd Gear: The 2018 Toyota Camry: Too Edgy, Too Raw, Too FIERCE With FEROCIOUS FURIOSITY For Camry Buyers?

4th Gear: Volkswagen Has Zero Excuses For Not Making An Electric Minibus Now


5th Gear: Out Of All These Cars The Only One You Really Want Is The Stonking Mercedes-AMG GT C


Reverse: The Tata Nano Is A Thing

On this day in 2008, at the New Delhi Auto Expo in India, Tata Motors debuts the Nano, billing it as the world’s cheapest car: The anticipated price tag is around $2,500. Tata, India’s largest automaker, called the four-door, bubble-shaped mini-vehicle (it was just 5 feet wide and 10 feet long) the “People’s Car” and declared that it would be a vehicle for families who previously hadn’t been able to afford a car. (At the time, it wasn’t uncommon to see an entire family precariously packed onto a single motorbike.)


Neutral: What’s The One Car You Want From The Detroit Auto Show?

And why is it the Mercedes-AMG GT C?

For me, it’s probably because the Mercedes-AMG GT S is so damn good.

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The new Camry is so hip. And so trendy and sporty. Amirite? Amirite? Anybody? Anyone?