As we've all heard by now Elon Musk, un-contented with running an electric car company and a spaceship company, will be announcing plans for a 30-minute round trip LA to SF transit system. Luckily, someone has shared this lovely infographic with us showing everything we know so far.

And what we know so far isn't really all that much: Musk says it's not a tube with a pure vacuum in it, it could be powered entirely by solar panels and even generate electricity, and it's sort of a "cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table," which coincidentally is exactly what my drawings for my future home's rec room included back when I was six.


The actual details should be revealed on Monday, so those of you creating scale models in your backyards shouldn't have to wait too much longer. And while Musk now says he's too busy to build it himself (come on! Just skip your Tuesday night hot yoga class, man) I'm still hoping this thing actually will get built, so I can finally get looked down upon by San Franciscans in 30 minutes instead of the usual 5 hours by car.

Here's the infographic. It's pretty great, and, as always, click enlarge to embiggen, or click here:


(Infographic by

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