All-Star Team of Minnesota Snow Plows Turns Shoving Snow off the Highway Into Beautiful Art

Screenshot: MnDOT (Facebook)

The Minnesota Department of Transportation posted a video onto its Facebook page on Thursday showing six snow plows engaged in what is technically snow removal, but in this particular case, is closer to art. That’s because it’s a stunning coordinated effort that’s hard not to watch on loop.


“In Minnesota, we call this ‘Wednesday’” MN DOT wrote on its Facebook page, highlighting how—as impressive as this snow plowing effort looks to out-of-staters like me—in Minnesota, it’s apparently not uncommon:

The video was shot last Wednesday from a highway camera, and is sped up to two times speed, so it’s fairly safe to say that the plows were moving rather slowly.

Still, just look at that wall of shovels! It’s a powerful and intimidating scene, while at the same time, it’s kind of delicate in the way it’s beautifully coordinated, especially with how the truck on the far left comes in from the smaller road, merging perfectly with the rest of the crew on the highway, all the while pulling its tow plow.

This is clearly a team of All Star snow plowers.

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Wednesday?  Couldn’t they wait until the off-shift and not muck up rush hour?  Those lanes were clear enough for traffic flow without six plows holding everybody up.