'All Japanese Must Be Killed' Proclaims Sign Allegedly In Front Of Chinese Audi Dealership

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China and Japan's dispute over the Japanese purchase of the Diaoyu Islands has started massive protests, shut down factories, and has threatened $340 billion in annual trade. A photo even purportedly showed an Audi dealer wishing all Japanese were dead.

And now, like any good scandal, Taiwanese animators are breaking it down for us, but they still have one pretty good question: "What the hell, Audi?"


The animation, which is done with the typical Taiwanese flair, shows just how the dispute started. It does take a bit of a comical slant on the situation which isn't really funny at all. Basically, it's your typical Taiwanese news animation.

The Audi angle has yet to be confirmed. Was it photoshopped, staged, or the actual opinion of its dealers? A quick analysis of the image in photoshop doesn't reveal any obvious forgery. Here's the full text:

"Even if graves cover our land, all Japanese must be killed. Even if our soil is not fit for growing crops anymore, we must get back the Diaoyu (fishing) Islands"

We have reached out to Audi to find out if it's real and they are trying to ascertain what exactly is happening in the photograph, but the reality isn't that important. The image is being passed around in China as if it's real and there are people who appear to agree with the sentiment.

It's not likely this will actually result in global war, but there are billions of dollars at stake in this dispute, as well as the economy of two nations that have hefty trade agreements with each other.


UPDATE: Audi issued the following statement to Jalopnik regarding the sign:

These might be dealer employees, but they are definitely not Audi China or FAW VW [VW's manufacturing co-venture in China] employees. Audi categorically distances itself from the message shown here. It is not the place of the Audi brand to enter political matters.


Audi also told us they weren't sure if sanctions would be placed against the dealer involved in the future.

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

China's economy is suffering, as many others are. The developed countries are in recession, and buying fewer chinese goods, and the chinese have over-extended themselves, also.

As a diversion from frustration of a billion or more people, the government is directing it at an old rival, Japan, rather than risking that the frustration be directed at the communist government itself. Classic leftist oligarch ploy, deflect and divert.

The thing is... this puts a big strain on the far east, with North Korea being a chinese ally, and South Korea and Japan both relying on the US Military for major defense, while the US is over-extended, and over-drawn, both financially and potentially militarily, by a Commander in Chief that has no unified foreign policy, and has proven himself to be on the wrong side of other current conflicts in the middle east, like Egypt, and a mess in Libya... and continued limited engagement in Afghanistan with no purpose, goal, or exit foreseeable.

The US owes both China and Japan money as part of our 16+ TRILLION dollar national debt. Our consumption economy has outsourced manufacturing to the far east, Japan, China, and South Korea, and our purchasing supports their economic growth. Only our consumer confidence has been flat for most of the last 4-5 years, as our economy has stagnated.

We are obligated by treaties signed at the end of WWII and the Korean conflict, that haven't been ammended, nor have sunset, to provide defense for Japan and South Korea, who could potentially find themselves being attacked by a more desperate and aggressive China, and it's ally North Korea.

The US is the leader of the socio-economic world. I dislike when people blame the US first, but in this case, it might be warranted. The ramifications of our bad leadership, not just the atrociously bad leadership now, but for decades, such as departing the the Gold standard to put the US Dollar as the reserve currency, then accruing debt and self-monetizing it, and having wilfully, HIGHLY UN-balanced trade agreements that stripped the US production sectors down and shipped them to the far east with the promise of perpetual consumption that could not be sustained...

Now we are looking at a potentially SERIOUS politico-economic, possibly military JAM.