Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. Except for that one thing, but we don’t need to talk about that—I did what I had to do, remember? Anyway, you’re a busy guy, so I only have one item on my list: this 1991 JDM Honda NSX on eBay, in your favorite color.

Currently sitting pretty at a reasonable $30,300, it’s a Japanese-market NSX the seller says was legally imported here, to America, land of the free, specifically in Long Beach, Calif. The original five-speed has been swapped for a six-speed from a later NSX, but no one will mind that.


Look Mr. Claus, you are going to get a lot of car requests this year. That one lady has been singing a blue ‘54 convertible forever, you should have taken care of that by now. I’m not going to go crazy and ask for a Ferrari or something ridiculous and I don’t even expect you do deliver it with all of your other stops. Just hook a brother up with a PayPal payment and I’ll take care of the rest.

Why this car? Well, just look at it. You are a man that appreciates a fast ride and classic lines. And this isn’t just any NSX, this a car from the homeland. It’s right-hand drive, which means I’ll have to learn to shift with my left. That will be a good New Years resolution for me.


See. this isn’t just a gift, it’s an opportunity of for self-improvement.

The reserve hasn’t been met yet, but I’m sure you can handle it. Auction ends in a day so I’m going to need you to act fast on this one.


I’ll even let you drive it the next time you’re in town.

Merry Christmas,

-Tom McParland


Tom is a contributing writer for Jalopnik and runs He saves people money and takes the hassle out of buying or leasing a car. (

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