All Glory To The Ferrari 250 SWB

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After all these years, has there been a more complete, beautiful, gentlemanly, sporty Ferrari than the 250 SWB?


What's that you say? 288 GTO? F40? 250 Lusso? Stop kidding yourself. There is only one right way to Ferrari perfection, and that is the skittish, perfectly proportioned, road-racing predecessor to the 250 GTO.

Now, you could argue that there is such a thing as technological progress. You're wrong. YOU'RE WRONG. Lord Spiegelblaster, the Longer Laster Masterblaster blessed us with this relevant knowledge while we drooled over Tesla's robo-keg built out of prototype parts for the Model S.


Yeah it's cool and all but in all fairness you lose a lot of what is cool about pouring your own beer. The weight and coldness of the bottle, that feeling you get when you hear the beer hitting the glass and it foams up. It's as if beer pouring has lost its soul. It used to be taken directly from the keg, by hand and it was great! They even had people specially trained to handle the beer and different alcoholic beverages required different pouring techniques. But then the automatic, electric-powered beer dispensers came and it was great for some...just not for me.

This is where the beer world is heading and while it's a great, bright future for most, I don't think it'll be a great future for me.

Hm. We're sure there's some connection here to old car technology, like the gorgeous open-gated manual in that 250 SWB, but we can't think of anything.

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