All Bugattis Are Special Therefore No Bugattis Are Special

The Veyron Super Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse are the fastest cars in the world. They're also special edition versions of a car that already fits every definition of special. Now there are special editions of the special editions, like this: The Jean Bugatti. As far as I can tell, it's black with a brown interior. Is that special?

The words "special edition" used to mean something. Then Bugatti started building the Veyron. Case in point: Here is the Jean Bugatti Edition Veyron. Sure looks like it's just a black Veyron.


Bugatti already makes the Super Sport available with a bare carbon fiber weave as one of the body options, so it would follow that the Vitesse should also be available like that, since they are incredibly similar cars. It also uses platinum for pieces of trim, because gold is for the proles who buy the regular Veyron.

In this case, the Veyron is named for Jean Bugatti, the eldest son of company founder Ettore Bugatti. This is part of a series of special editions, known as the "Legends of Bugatti," Jean being one of those legends. He created the legendary Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, so this car is an homage to that. Expect instead of grand touring, it has face melting speed.


In order to drum up additional interest in the already amazing car, Bugatti keeps painting the cars different colors or using a different carbon fiber finish and that makes them "special."

Does a car that you can build to your own exacting specifications need a special edition? Is a black one with a lovely leather interior special? Is every single Veyron now a special edition? If I wear a black suit, am I now a special edition? Or is it me in a black suit?


Nobody knows anymore. We'll decide if it's special at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, where it'll probably be surrounded by about 47 other special edition Veyrons.

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