Alfa Romeo's New Love For RWD May Bleed Over To Chrysler And Dodge

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Alfa Romeo, in case you haven't heard, has recently concluded that rear-wheel drive is awesome. They're planning a resurgence of rear-drive cars that harkens back to their glory days. That could be great news for us Americans too, it turns out.


Alfa Romeo is planning on a return to the U.S. soon starting with the oh-so-sexy Alfa 4C. But for the rest of us, Automotive News reports that the rear-wheel drive platforms Fiat seeks to develop for other Alfas could be used for replacements for the Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and future Dodge Challenger coupe.


AN reports the approach is still being studied, but the new cars could show up as early as the end of 2015. They do note that on the Chrysler end of things, their plants could require significant retooling to produce rear-drive cars — they only have one that makes them at the moment. They have also decided it is too costly to use the platform from the new Maserati Ghibli for such a task.

Honestly, it's great news whenever more rear-drive cars are in the pipeline, and it makes sense for Alfa to want to share the wealth. The 300, Charger and Challenger ride on the aging Chrysler LX platform, which includes a bunch of legacy Mercedes parts from their Daimler days. I'm sure they're eager to update them.

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What I want to know is why did Fiat give Dodge the Dart instead of just bringing the Giulietta over as is? Who wants a Dodge Dart? Nobody. Who wants a freaking Alfa Romeo? Everybody. Dumbest marketing decision in the history of dumb.