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Alfa Romeo Will Split With the Sauber F1 Team After 2023

The announcement was seemingly in response to the news of Audi's 2026 entry as a power unit manufacturer.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Alex Pantling - Formula 1 (Getty Images)

Earlier today, Audi announced its future entrance into the FIA Formula 1 World Championship as a power unit supplier. The German manufacturer didn’t state which team it would be supplying but will confirm its partner by the end of this year. However, not long after Audi’s significant announcement, another was made which hints at the potential partner.

Alfa Romeo has announced that it will be ending its relationship with Sauber in Formula 1 at the end of the 2023 season. The Italian manufacturer became the title sponsor of the Swiss F1 team as well as a key technical and commercial partner in 2018. The next year, Sauber was completely dropped from the team name as the organization was renamed Alfa Romeo Racing. The termination statement reads:

The Alfa Romeo’s statement reads:

“Alfa Romeo communicates that its partnership with Sauber Motorsport will end within the end of 2023.”

“Alfa Romeo announced its return in F1 in 2017 with a long term plan, and in July 2022 has announced the decision to continue its partnership with Sauber also for 2023, given to the promising results of the first half of the season, both in terms of performances, marketing and positive collaboration with the team.”

“Since the economic and industrial turnaround of the brand will be achieved in 2022, Alfa Romeo will now evaluate among the many opportunities on the table, and decide which will be the best one to sustain the long term strategy and the positioning of the Brand.”


Alfa Romeo hasn’t announced a departure from Formula 1 as a whole, leaving open the possibility of partnering with Haas, the other Ferrari-supplied team on the grid. It would be a shame to see the brand leave the championship with its history in Grand Prix racing. Alfa Romeo won the inaugural Grand Prix World Championship in 1925, the inaugural European Championship in 1931, and the inaugural Formula One World Championship in 1950.