Alfa Romeo Officially Returns To US Market This Month With 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo made it official a year ago when they announced plans to return to the US auto market after a 13-year cooling-off period. But now it's actually here, as the Italian automaker begins to rekindle its romance with the US auto market later this month, when they import 84 copies of its exclusive Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The lusty — and already spoken-for — sports cars will be made available through the existing Maserati dealer network, with another run of 8C Competizione Spyders and 8C Competizione GTAs planned as well. As we've already told you — this impromptu return may act as the lead for additional models to hit US shores in the late-2009/early-2010 time frame (right about when the DOW will hit 200 and gas will be hovering around $9 a gallon). So that'll work well.


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