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Alfa Romeo Brera stars in a scale-model Dakar fantasy

Illustration for article titled Alfa Romeo Brera stars in a scale-model Dakar fantasy

We're not aware of the Alfa Romeo Brera ever having competed in Paris-Dakar, but if it did it would naturally be grayed out like those ash-covered cars parked downwind of Mount St. Helens.


No less awesome in monochrome, though.

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Sadly the Brera has already been discontinued. However, I just read an update about the upcoming affordable RWD Alfa Romeo sportscar, which will be somewhat similar in concept as the classic Spider (Duetto). They're planning on starting production in the last quarter of 2012, they're projecting 20,000-25,000 annual sales, they're aiming to keep the weight below 850 kg (!) (1875 lbs) and it will be powered by a to 250 hp tuned version of the already available 1750 TBi engine. Projected price: cheaper than a BMW 328i.