Aleshin Recovers From First-Lap IndyCar Spin With A Neat Little Donut

Screencap via IndyCar
Screencap via IndyCar

Open-wheelers are really having trouble starting a race today, it seems. Tony Kanaan and Mikhail Aleshin made contact on the first lap of today’s IndyCar season finale at Sonoma Raceway, spinning Aleshin the wrong way around in one of Sonoma’s tight hairpin turns.


How’s he get going again? With a tidy little donut, like a boss.

No action was taken by the stewards over the contact. It happens.

Today’s IndyCar finale will determine the season championship as well, with Team Penske teammates Scott Pagenaud and Will Power neck-and-neck in the standings. Lovable French not-a-Talladega-Nights-villain Pagenaud currently leads both the championship as well as this race, so we may see le trophy go to le Frenchman.

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Not sure I’d call going from 9th place down to 2nd-to-last a recovery... But it was a cute little spin.