We continue to follow the saga of will.i.am and his stolen DeLorean that he claims is not a DeLorean but is totally a DeLorean. Earlier, we'd shared a report from TMZ that the valet had taken the car based on will.i.am's own statements.

As it turns out, that report is not correct. A representative of the valet parking firm at the Avalon Hollywood confirmed that "they woke me at 2:30 am" to ask about the car, but that no one touched it. Apparently, will.i.am parked it himself.

Further confirming this report (and contradicting TMZ) is a tweet from will.i.am himself stating that the car is in fact still missing. We apologize to the creepy person in the mask.


Two possible options here:

1. will.i.am has concocted this whole thing to promote his new album and it's working.
2. will.i.am is the dumbest person ever to try and start a car company.


Photo Credit: Getty Images