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Airline Food Doesn't Have To Be Junk Food

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Anyone who has ever been served food on an airline probably found that food to be high in salt and/or fat, and running the temperature spectrum from partially thawed to molten hot. But one company, called Vitalit is offering options that are equally healthy and refreshing.


On the other side of all the tech-geeky stuff at this year's Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) Expo is the International Flight Services Association (IFSA), which covers the food and beverage side of air travel. Vitalit's line of products called "FlyFit" is one of the most interesting and innnovative companies I found. Based in the Netherlands, FlyFit makes a series of products designed to rejuvenate you.

Illustration for article titled Airline Food Doesnt Have To Be Junk Food

The FlyFit products are based on pure and natural "superfruit" ingredients, many of which contain Q4, which is a highly concentrated mix of fruit extracts, designed to help your body fight off or bounce back from jet lag. They develop products with flying in mind. They realize that being in the air can be magical, but also demanding of our schedules and bodies. With this hectic lifestyle taken into account, the FlyFit line includes products that can be taken easily, on-the-go.

I sampled a couple of their products here at APEX 2014, including a powered "vitality booster" that is intended to boost the immunity system, and we all know how germs are easily spread while flying. The powders contain Vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants. It is meant to be poured right onto your tongue. Flavor-wise, it was actually pretty good. Sweet, but a little bit tart. I guess the best comparison to it would be Pixy Stix. I also had a tasty granola bar with dried cranberries. The line also includes energy drinks, dried fruit snacks, gummy snacks and yogurt.

Vitalit's FlyFit products are available to airlines, who can then give the products out in a few different ways. They could be sold as a buy-on-board item. They could put the items in an amenity kit along with other products. Or finally, they could be handed out during the flight as a snack offering or paired with other items on the meal tray. However airlines decide to do it, seeing something healthy on board would be a welcome sight.

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Andrew P. Collins

Interesting. As a frequent flyer, malnourishment is one of the worst parts of travel IMO. I'm young enough to consider no meals on flights as "normal" but poor enough to hate spending $6 on a Naked drink just to get something remotely salubrious in my body on a day of travel.

Would love it if airlines offered something halfway reasonable/healthy, even if it's a small portion.