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It turns out not all Canadians are as progressive as they're made out to be! Air Canada is still stuck in the 1950s when it comes to women keeping their last names after they get married, and is feeling a huge Twitter backlash over it.

Last night Calgary-based writer Chris Turner blasted the airline on Twitter after an Air Canada phone rep told him he couldn't transfer a voucher to his wife because she kept her last name when they got married. Air Canada responded by saying "vouchers can only be transferred to another family member before travel if they have the same family name" to prevent fraudulent activity when using vouchers.


Well, isn't that quaint. Turner's tweet pissed off women and men alike and made the news in Canada. Here are just some of the responses:


One would think that Air Canada would have a better, more sophisticated way to prevent voucher fraud (is that really such a widespread thing anyway?) on their flights than this. This policy makes them look rather foolish.


No word yet on whether or not Air Canada intends to change the policy.

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