Ahoy! StarQuest Bonus! Redux! Whatever! The Gullwing Starion!

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Too late for yesterday's blockbuster Maximum StarQuest Day bonanza, Bumbeck tipped us off to an example of one of the rarest of the Starion/Conquest breed: the vaunted Gullwing! Originally conceived for a Japanese cop show nobody seems to know anything about called simply, Gorilla, Mitsu created four of the cars back in '88; a fifth was built by the vehicle's owner with parts ordered from the factory.

Interestingly, while the factory cars had manual doors, the owner-built vehicle's were power-operated. Unfortunately, this tended to be a bit much strain for the battery and the doors were converted to manual operation. We promise this is the last Starion-related post for a while. Really. No, Scout's Honor. Unless somebody uncovers a scissor-door Conquest.


Gullwing Starion [Mitsubishi Starion U.K. Owners Club]

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