Aging Men Are Hoons, Too!

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Police in Victoria, Australia pinched a 55-year-old hoon in a hotel parking lot after the inebrious man spun the rear tires of his '93 Holden Ute (what else?) into a cloud of smoke so thick that an alarmed citizen felt compelled to ring the fire department. The man, whose name wasn't released, is the oldest hoon booked under Victoria's heavy-duty legislation. His Ute was impounded for 48 hours and he faces charges of He will be charged with careless driving, improper use of the vehicle and exceeding the blood alcohol limit. No word on what he was drinking, but we'd like to think it was absinthe. [Herald Sun, AU]


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Ah, hell, any good lawyer could probably get him off in the U.S. The hotel is private property (I'm assuming), and even if a cop witnessed said hoonage, he might not be able to do anything, at least in this country that is.... I dunno about Australia.