Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman Gets Naughtier In The Presence Of Kim Cattrall

Those pictures we showed you of the Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman merely suggested naughtiness with their stocking-themed paint job and expressions like "You're Going Down." At the "Life Ball" event this weekend, which raises money for AIDS-related causes, the Mini Clubman was on hand and things went from the suggestion of naughtiness to the real deal. In the gallery immediately below there are an assortment of press shots of the car and live shots of the reveal. Below the jump are the not-quite-safe-for-work press shots.


Also, Kim Cattrall showed up at the event. We'd point out that Ms. Cattrall not only did Nissan commercials that were too sexy for New Zealand but also repped for the Mercedes GLK before showing up at this BMW-sponsored event. Said a jealous Dr. Z, "No wonder she keeps getting all the most Whore-ish parts."

[Source: BMW]

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