After the Iroc: Volkswagen Scirocco Coming in 2008

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

As Volkswagen's Iroc concept was rolled out at the Paris show, execs demured when asked about a production model. It has "a good chance" of going into production, they said. Of course, we've been hearing about the coming production Scirocco for well on a year. Now, the UK's CAR reports the Scirocco revival will show up in dealerships in 2008, at a price of 17,500 (don't bother with the currency conversion; it doesn't correlate to US sticker — figure around $20,000). It'll be riding on the Eos cabrio's platform and sharing powerplants with the Rabbit and GTI. According to the report, there's also a 230-hp R20 version on the way, possibly by way of dual turbos, or VW's twincharger. [Gallery]

Volkswagen Iroc [CAR]

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Don't worry, ...a GTI enthusiast will purchase a GTI, and previous Scirocco owners looking for a recap of the days of old at an affordable price— will buy this car <:-). The old cliche "drives like a German car" or "our vehicle has been tested on the autobahns of Germany" are dead on arrival to the ears of true German car enthusiast for we know the difference between a real German car and a wanna-beeeeee! As a global leader in passenger car safety in real world driving situations along with the ability to stay structurally sound for decades, the German car manufactures have earned my trust and Volkswagen is leading my way. ...Stay tuned— The Germans are coming, the Germans are coming!