After 23 Years In Storage, Stolen '89 Corvette Sells For Original Sticker Price

Here's a cool story from the Los Angeles Times tonight: After being stolen and then spending 23 years in storage with a mere 67 miles on the odometer, a 1989 Corvette convertible was sold to a new owner after an eBay auction today.

The kicker is that this 'Vette sold at auction for its original 1989 sticker price: about $39,471.


The Times reported that the Corvette was stolen from a San Diego dealership in 1989 by a man who was then paid by gangsters to keep it in storage. It was recovered by police earlier this year, then purchased by a wholesale car manager in Glendale, who put it up on eBay.

It's a nice ending for a sportscar that spent 23 years locked away, probably waiting for the chance to do some hoonage. Hopefully, its new owner will have some fun in it — even though it's a "time capsule," as he told the newspaper.

What car would you like to find new in a storage container?

Photo credit eBay

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