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Afroduck Back In Court For Driving With A Suspended License (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not everyone has Ed Bolian's luck. Adam Tang, the speedster known as "Afroduck" who drove around Manhattan in 24 minutes and drew the ire of police after the video of the run went viral, is back in jail, this time for driving with a suspended license.

Tang, a Canadian national, pled not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment after being indicted in early March. A judge also suspended his license.


But the New York Daily News said Tang got pinched for driving with a suspended license on April 5 in the Bronx, and today was thrown back in jail by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jill Konviser:

"He was directed by the court not to drive and he essentially says, 'I don't care. Not important to me,'" Konviser said before raising his bail to $25,000 bond or $15,000 cash.


Tang's attorney Greg Gomez told the Daily News that he thought the bail amount was "absurd" based on the fact that the charge is a misdemeanor and a first offense. Gomez has said there is no proof Tang was driving recklessly in the original video.

The newspaper said Tang is expected to post the bail, so he may not stay in jail for long.

Update: Tang reached out to Jalopnik tonight and gave us a different account of what was reported today by New York news outlets. He said he was not arrested or caught in the act, but showed up to court and found in violation of his bail. A new bail was set, he told us, and Tang still has a license valid in 49 states — but he is banned from driving in New York. We will update as we get more information.

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