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Last we heard from Ethan Couch, the boy with the eminently slappable face who killed four people, but didn't serve a lick of jail time because he suffered from "affluenza," or the condition of Mommy and Daddy having too much money, he wasn't paying much for rehab, either. But the victims will get something.


One of the many heinous things, in a long line of heinous things committed by Ethan Couch and his family, was that despite receiving barely any punishment for getting wasted, getting high, and shoving back a couple of pills and then running down four people, was that he was only sentenced to stints of probation and rehab.

And despite being too rich for responsibility, the Couch family was not too rich to actually pay for the rehab that their son was sentenced to. Under Texas law, they could only pay a maximum of $1,170 a month.


Sergio Molina was riding in the bed of Couch's pickup when it hit a stranded motorist and the three people who stopped to help her, hit a parked car, and plowed into a tree.

When the dust settled, it became readily apparent that Molina was ejected from the bed of the pickup, and had landed on his head.

Sergio Molina is now capable of nothing but blinking his eyes, according to the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

His parents sued the Couch family on his behalf, and they just settled their case with the Couches, their attorneys, and their insurance company:

In the settlement reached Friday in 96th state District Court, Fred and Tonya Couch's liability insurer agreed to pay $1.638 million cash to the Sergio E. Molina Special Needs Trust. The Couches' insurer also agreed to purchase two sets of annuities to provide payments to the trust, beginning in July, of $1,515 monthly and of $1,837 monthly, both for life and guaranteed for 25 years.

The settlement also provides for attorneys' fees.

Yes, the insurance companies will be making the payout, because that is just how the world works.


Five other families have settled with the parents of Ethan Couch. The sixth family is insisting on a civil jury trial for their injured son, Lucas McConnell.

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