Grand Design is one of the country’s most popular recreational vehicle brands. And, it would seem, for good reason. Owners of the vehicles speak highly of the company’s build quality and after-sales service in many Grand Design RV reviews online.

Our team took an in-depth look at the manufacturer to get a better idea of what the company offers, how much it charges, and what people think about its products. Overall, it’s one of the best RV brands on the market.

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Grand Design RV Review: 4.5 Out Of 5.0 Stars

Through research, our team found that Grand Design offers a wide selection of consistently high-quality towables and looks after its customers. That was enough to earn Grand Design a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars and a place among the best RV brands in the country.

But that doesn’t mean the luxury RV manufacturer is without its downsides. Here’s a quick look at the brand’s advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Highly rated after-sales service Rigorous 300+ point quality inspection Active and helpful online community
Cons No motorhomes, only towables Priced higher than many competitors

Grand Design Overview

Grand Design RV was founded by former leaders from Keystone RV in 2012. As part of its brand strategy, the Middlebury, Indiana company puts an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with its customers.

After watching the brand’s quick rise to prominence with popular models like the Grand Design Reflection and the Grand Design Solitude, RV giant Winnebago bought the company in 2016. However, Winnebago has allowed the company to continue to manufacture its campers independently, enabling it to maintain its strict quality and service standards.

Grand Design RV Cost

Grand Design RVs come at a wide range of price points and tend to be a little more expensive than many of its competitors, with models starting at around $30,000 and climbing up well past $160,000. Grand Design sells towable travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and toy haulers. It doesn’t sell motorized RVs like Class A, Class B, or Class C RVs.

Below, you’ll find a table of each of Grand Design’s RV model groups along with their starting MSRP. Models range from the single-axle Imagine Aim to the spacious Solitude line for full-time RVers. Many floor plans offer slide-outs for expanded living areas. Be aware that, given the popularity of the RV lifestyle, these prices will likely fluctuate. Your local Grand Design RV dealer will be able to give you actual quotes on models.

Grand Design RV Models





Starting MSRP*

Imagine AIM

Single-axle lightweight travel trailer



Transcend Xplor

Lightweight travel trailer



Imagine XLS

Lightweight travel trailer




Lightweight travel trailer



Reflection Travel Trailer

Luxury travel trailer



Reflection 150 Fifth Wheel

Mid-range fifth wheel



Reflection Fifth Wheel

Mid-range fifth wheel



Solitude Fifth Wheel

Luxury fifth wheel



Momentum G-Class

Mid-range toy hauler



Momentum G-Class

Fifth Wheel

Luxury fifth wheel



Momentum M-Class

Luxury toy hauler



*Price reflects Grand Design’s pre-selected options on all models.

Grand Design RV Build Quality

Grand Design has as strong a reputation for quality as any RV manufacturer in the world. The manufacturer’s build quality is a consistent talking point in Grand Design RV reviews from customers.

That’s not just anecdotal, either. For starters, Grand Design opts for higher-end materials. Many RV makers use Azdel, a lightweight manufactured material for their exterior panels. While this is cheaper, many consider it inferior to Luan, which is made from natural wood and stronger than Azdel. Grand Design only uses Luan on its campers.

Grand Design Pre-Delivery Inspection

Where Grand Design really excels, however, is in its quality control. Many companies save on labor costs by using their assembly team to conduct pre-delivery inspections. This can often result in things being missed and becoming problems down the line.

Alternatively, Grand Design employs a separate team just to do its pre-delivery inspections. This is a rigorous 300+ point inspection that rivals any quality assurance system in the RV industry. That level of inspection can offer you peace of mind in an industry where build quality is often an issue.

Grand Design Customer Support

Another of Grand Design RV’s major selling points is its strong reputation for customer service. In addition to its helpful customer support line, the company launched the website to serve as a resource and knowledge base for owners around the world.

Another unofficial forum,, serves as an additional resource for information and community-building. The site has nearly 4,000 registered users and has over a dozen subcategories dedicated to issues such as electrical systems and HVAC.

Grand Design RV Warranty

Grand Design packages two warranties with its new RVs:

  • Base Limited Warranty: This one-year warranty covers factory defects in quality and materials across the entire RV and can transfer to new owners if the RV is sold.
  • Limited Structural Warranty: This plan covers defects in structural components for three years, but does not transfer to secondary owners.

Both of these warranties come with important exclusions in the fine print. For starters, they only cover problems that arise from driving and camping. It won’t cover damages that come from commercial use, lack of maintenance, or any use outside of normal RVing.

These warranties may seem paltry compared to those you might find on a new car. However, these warranties actually exceed many of those offered by Grand Design’s competitors. While many RV companies do package a one-year warranty with their campers, these often don’t transfer to secondary owners.

Grand Design RV Ratings And Reviews

Grand Design RV reviews from both industry organizations and customers are overall positive. On the industry side, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued the company an A+, although it has not accredited the company. The BBB lists about 60 complaints about the company over the last three years. Given the amount of RVs it sells, that number is small.

On RVInsider, Grand Design has a solid 3.9 out of 5.0 stars overall, earning its highest marks in the Floorplan and Driving/towing categories. Below are samples of both positive and negative reviews for the RV manufacturer on the site.

Positive Grand Design RV Reviews

Among favorable customer reviews for Grand Design, owners consistently mention the craftsmanship of their RVs as well as the campers’ overall comfort.

“The RV designers planned a floor plan to meet the needs of a family or couple who enjoy traveling, and the outdoors with the comforts of home. The sturdy structure made towing smooth and safe.”

– Cynthia, 2019 Grand Design Imagine

“This 5th wheel has been amazing for our family. With the size it made it comfortable to get out of the weather as needed on our trips.”

– Kristy, 2017 Grand Design Momentum M-Class

Negative Grand Design RV Reviews

Unfortunately, some people do not have as positive an experience with their Grand Design RVs. Most of the complaints we see center around things coming loose on the vehicle. However, this is a common complaint across nearly every RV brand.

“Been in the shop for water leaks more than with us since May this year. Numerous small detail problems from backsplash glue coming loose, patio completely out of adjustment and patio awning same.”

– Dave, 2021 Grand Design Momentum G-Class

“Trailer is falling apart after 1,500 miles and the warranty is no good. The doors won’t stay closed going down [the] road. Already ruined the back door… None of the compartment doors close correctly. The propane tanks are held in with banding iron and clips.”

– Jim, 2017 Grand Design Momentum M-Class

Grand Design RV Review: Should You Buy One?

If you are in the market for a high-quality towable RV and don’t mind paying a little more, a Grand Design RV is an excellent choice. The brand’s reputation for quality found in Grand Design RV reviews seems to hold up under scrutiny, and its after-sales service rivals that of any brand in the industry.

With the variety of models and floorplans Grand Design has to offer, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. You also have the ability to customize your RV on the company’s website and request a quote. However, it is always a good idea to find a Grand Design RV dealership near you and see one in person.

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FAQ: Grand Design RVs

*Data accurate at time of publication.