If you’re looking to protect your car once your limited warranty expires, you may have come across Century Warranty Services. The third-party extended warranty provider offers comprehensive coverage for vehicles nationwide.

Our research team reviewed the best extended auto warranty companies based on reputation, services, costs, and customer experience. Read on to see how Century Warranty Services compares with leading providers.

Century Warranty Services Review: 4.1 Stars

We give Century Warranty Services a 4.1-star rating out of 5.0. The company has a solid reputation among third-party providers. However, compared with other competitors, it does not offer many plan options and does not have an established reputation among customers.

Overall Star Rating










Customer Experience




About Century Warranty Services

Century Warranty Services, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and offers drivers three vehicle service contracts with up to 120,000 miles of additional protection.

All plans are backed by Courtesy Insurance Company, which AM Best gave an A rating for financial strength, showing that it can meet financial obligations and pay out customers’ claims. Century Warranty Services says it paid out $525 million in claims in 2019.

Century Pros And Cons

Pros Plan benefits such as rental car reimbursement and trip interruption coverage Flexible coverage options A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Cons Plans are only available at select dealerships Quotes and cost information are not provided online Only three levels of coverage



How Much Does A Century Warranty Services Extended Warranty Cost?

Century Warranty Services does not provide cost information for its extended warranties online. However, the company does disclose that it offers four deductible options for its vehicle protection plans: $0, $100, $250, or $500.

In our recent survey of 1,000 consumers, most people reported paying between $1,500 and $2,500 for extended warranty coverage.

Factors that typically affect the cost of coverage plans include:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Mileage
  • Where you purchase your warranty coverage

Icons showing what factors affect extended warranty cost.



Century Warranty Services Extended Car Warranty Coverage

Century Warranty Services offers three vehicle protection plans to give drivers peace of mind and help them avoid costly repairs: Power Care, Sentry Care, and Sentry Guard Max. To be eligible for coverage, cars must be no older than the previous nine model years and have fewer than 105,000 miles. Coverage plans can extend for a total of 175,000 miles.

Here’s an overview of the services offered under each plan:


Sentry Guard


Sentry Care

Power Care



Drive Axle



Air Conditioning

Front and Rear Suspension

Electrical (Basic)


Electrical (expanded)

Fuel System

Each plan also comes with:

  • Rental car reimbursement: Century Warranty Services will reimburse drivers up to $40 per day for up to 10 days per covered mechanical breakdown.
  • Towing coverage: The company will reimburse drivers up to $100 in towing charges per covered mechanical breakdown.
  • Travel coverage: The third-party warranty provider will reimburse drivers up to $100 per day, up to $500, for food and lodging if the vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from home.
  • Fluids coverage: Century Warranty Services will cover the cost of replacing necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants, and approved air conditioner gases needed in conjunction with a covered repair.



How Does A Century Warranty Services Extended Warranty Work?

Century Warranty Services contracts are purchased directly from dealerships. Coverage begins immediately, with no waiting period. You can call the Century Warranty Services customer service line at 866-732-8503 to find a participating dealership.

You can cancel coverage for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you cancel anytime after that, you’ll receive a prorated refund. Your warranty plan is also transferable if you sell your vehicle while it’s still under warranty.

How to File a Claim with Century Warranty Services

If your vehicle suffers a mechanical or unexpected breakdown, you should take it to a licensed repair facility. Century Warranty Services works with over 6,000 repair facilities nationwide.

Once you’re at the repair facility, contact the Century Warranty Services claims department at 866-732-8503. If your claim is approved, the company will pay the repair facility minus your deductible. There is no paperwork for you to sign.



Century Warranty Services Reviews

Century Warranty Services has an A+ rating from the BBB. However, there aren’t many customer reviews about the company online. Century Warranty Services has just two reviews from BBB users and none from Google or Trustpilot users.



Top Recommendations For Extended Car Warranties

You should always shop around and compare quotes before making any final decisions on extended warranty coverage. We recommend reaching out to CARCHEX and CarShield, which both ranked well on our list of the industry’s best extended auto warranty companies.

CARCHEX: Best For Used Cars

CARCHEX provides a wide range of coverage options for vehicles with up to 250,000 miles, which is why we named it Best for Used Cars. The company offers five plans: Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Coverage ranges from basic powertrain to exclusionary coverage.

The provider has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ rating from the BBB.

CarShield: Best Monthly Payments

CarShield is one of the most popular extended warranty providers because of its low-cost plans and easy shopping experience. The company has six coverage levels for vehicles that can cover up to 300,000 miles.

CarShield has been in business for over 15 years and has been featured on CNN, HGTV, and ESPN. Most drivers find the company’s coverage options affordable and its rates cheaper than those offered by competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Rate Warranty Providers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of extended auto warranty providers. While there are multiple qualities that make a warranty company successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

  • Reputation: It’s important that an extended car warranty company is able to meet its claims obligations. Companies with a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) score well in this category. Established providers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
  • Coverage: Our team of experts looks at the number of extended warranty plans available, as well as term limits, exclusions, and added benefits like roadside assistance. Ratings also take into account the availability of maintenance coverage.
  • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between providers because so many factors impact vehicle service contract pricing. To determine our cost score, we perform a secret shopper analysis for a variety of vehicles and plans and consider available deductibles.
  • Transparency: Our team evaluates the availability and transparency of each company’s contracts, as well as whether each provider offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Customer Experience: We listen to real customer sales calls and comb through reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Warranty companies with a low volume of complaints score well in this area. We also consider the availability of mobile apps and chat features.

*Data accurate at time of publication

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