Adorable Old Couple Roll Honda, Take Best Picture In Car Wreck History

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Bel Air, a money-saturated part of the west side of LA, is usually known for lovely, high-maintenance trophy wives driving lovely, high-maintenance cars. What's less common are octogenarian couples flipping Hondas and then posing with them like freaking rock stars, but that's what we have here today.

It's by far the best picture of a car wreck involving old people in the history of cars, wrecks, and the concept of aging. It's also really not all that clear just how the driver, who'd been married to her husband for 60 years, flipped the car, but there it is. Maybe she wanted to get in on that Orloving thing her grandkids have been going on about.


Everyone was just uninjured, and the husband even managed to climb out of the now sky-facing door to get outside, to get help and take some pictures. He did that not just while being over 80, but also with old-man pants pulled way, way up to nipple-level. That alone is incredible.

They had people coming around to help take these amazing pictures (like @rydstein's there) and now I'm hoping Honda will give them a new Fit, and as many Werther's Originals as they want, or whatever it is that old people love.


Also, this image could make some fine postcards.