Adorable Dog Honks Horn For 15 Minutes Until Owner Comes Back

Fern, an adorable boxer from the Scotland was upset that her owner had popped into a shop without her, so what's an impatient dog to do? Naturally, she hopped in the driver's seat and wailed on the horn for 15 minutes.


According to an article in The Courier, Fern's owner Graham Haddow and his wife Fiona had gone into an art gallery, leaving their impatient dog in the car. Only 5 minutes after they had gone Fern decided to take matters into her own paws, and casually stood on the horn for 15 minutes as seen in the brief clip above.

Haddow left the gallery and ran towards his car when he saw the crowd of people gathered around and heard the horn honking, fearful of his dog's health. He calmed when he realized that the crowd was laughing and taking pictures of Fern, who wasn't exactly thrilled to see her owner. Haddow said "She gave me a sideways glance and just kept on going."

Fern has a bit of a destructive streak, chewing up two cellphones, and many pairs of reading glasses in addition to her car horn antics. Haddow also fears that since she now knows how to use the horn, she might do it every time they leave her in the car. But how could you be mad at something so damn cute?


What an awful person. Who films in vertical video?