We have a love/hate/tequila-fueled relationship with the Fast and Furious films. They're fun, though they are mindless and have drifted away from their car movie focus as of late. Those geniuses in Taiwan who animate their news have a solution for this: add Mario Kart to Fast and Furious 7.

The people at NMA TV, known for making American news events vastly more bizarre than they already are, have cooked up an FF7 trailer that includes Mario, Luigi, Wario, the Princess, Vin Diesel, a Porsche 911, and Rainbow Road.

It doesn't make an ounce of sense, but then again, neither do most of the Fast and Furious films. I'd still pay to see it. How the hell else are they going to keep the "franchise" fresh? It's as good an idea as any, really.