Added To The Stable: 1995 Ford CF7000 Rollback

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Thanks to the atrocious economic conditions in Michigan, I've become part-owner of a 1995 Ford CF7000 cabover rollback with meticulous service records and a 12,000lb capacity. Transaction price? $3,000. The bed alone, without hydraulics, was $18,000 new.

Times are tough and I'm a vulture, so former Jalopnik intern, Andy Didorosi and I jumped at the opportunity to own a 1995 Ford Cargo with a custom rollback bed, diesel engine and 347k miles. It's a monster. The 22' custom built extended rollback bed was designed to carry two full sized manlifts to jobs so it'll handle pretty much anything that goes down the road. All the hydraulics work, there isn't a single leak, top it off with the fact that there's a bible's worth of historical and service documentation and the 5.9 liter turbodiesel starts like a champ even on a cold fall day after sitting for almost a year. Who said the Carpocalypse was all bad? Since these pictures were taken, we've removed 14 years of filth from the interior and did an in-depth inspection finding some little things that'll need to be fixed, but for the most part it's in marvelous condition.

What we'll do with this behemoth? Well, your guess is as good as ours, but considering rollbacks are the Swiss Army knives of the wheeled world, we'll find all kinds of fun stuff to do with it. We're also planning on going through and doing all the regular maintenance as if it hadn't been looked at in years, then we're planning on changing the look to something more in-line with the Jalopnik way.

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My problem with these has always been where to park it? I live in a decent neighborhood. While my neighbors likely wouldn't complain, I don't want to blight them with a 30' monster parked on the street. And there's no way it'll fit in the garage.

What's the storage situation going to be like for your new behemoth? Tie some frocking to it and make it look like a Christmas display? #towing