Adam Carolla, car guy, comedian and now, the new host of the US-Spec version of Top Gear, took a break from show-prep to talk to Popular Mechanics about the new NBC show. PopMech manages to get Carolla to reveal a lot about the show, including answers on why the ZR1 isn't top on his list of cars to review, his issues with Transformers (Shh, don't tell Wert!) and a denial of the assertion they can't diss the cars. Basically Carolla says it'll be exactly like the British version. Pop Mech also name-drops Jalopnik in a question about his style. Question and answer back-n-forth below the jump.

PM: As I mentioned, the Internet geeks are already pumped up about the show—my buddies at Jalopnik are already calling you the "proto-Clarkson," and I'm sure fans of your radio show and accompanying blog have been hammering you about which rides you're pulling out of that stacked garage of yours and onto set. But Top Gear in the UK is kind of an online phenomenon in this country to begin with—it's gotten bigger on YouTube than some of your old Man Show tricks. What do you make of that, and are you as into the, well, insane stunts of the original as we are?
AC: You know, it's funny. I like cars more than I like stunts. The stunts are cool, but I would much rather just see ... I was just watching a rerun and Jeremy had that Aston Martin DBS in the Aston Martin Racing Green and he was turning some hot laps with that thing on an Air Force base they have over there in the UK. For me, as a viewer, in terms of just pure eye candy, I like watching that more than I like them turning a car into an amphibious landing craft or something. That's all well and good, and there's a place for it, but for me it's really about the cars.

There's a ton in this interview, including answers to many of our questions and the possibility of a drive of the BMW M1 Concept. Jeez, hope they get an interior built for it first. Surf on over to for the full scoop. [Popular Mechanics]