According to him anyway. Adam Carolla, on his show on KLSX today, announced he'll be one of the hosts of Top Gear USA. We've got no confirmation from anyone at NBC and frankly, we don't even know who to call to confirm it. But we've got to believe Adam if he's saying it. We mean, he was on the "Man Show" — of course he's a reliable source. Guess that means there's only two slots left. Why do we feel like we're looking for a "golden ticket" in a sea of Wonka bars here? Wait a second, is that the Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 behind Adam in the picture above? We feel like we've seen it somewhere — like perhaps last season on Top Gear UK. Jeez, the guy's already starting to get acquainted with the toys used in the show from across the pond. [Final Gear, 97.1 FM via CarSpyShots]