Acura TSX Sport Wagons, Ho! U.S. Getting Honda Accord Wagon

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Honda's heeded the chorus of "Eeews!" over the Accord Crosstour's design, bringing the euro Accord Wagon stateside as the Acura TSX Sport Wagon.

Honda announced today it'll debut the Acura TSX Sport Wagon — you can't call anything just a wagon anymore — later this month at this year's New York Auto Show. This will be followed up by a quick trip to the dealerships in the "late fall" i.e. expect to wait until at least October.


It's unfortunate they're going to add a premium to it, but It makes sense to bring it here as the Acura since the TSX already shares a platform with the Euro Accord and there's already the U.S. Accord-based Crosstour. As for pricing, the Honda Accord Crosstour starts at $29,670, just higher than the Acura TSX starting price of $29,310. It's big brother the ZDX starts at $45,495 so we're hoping the TSX slots somewhere in between.

Important details like final information on engines (expect the current V6 and four-cylinder options), transmissions, and styling will have to wait until either March 31st or a convenient leak. Given our recent disappointment with Honda offerings we can't even be 100% sure it'll retain what we enjoy about the euro Accord until we see it.

Just one thing, please please please don't give it an Acura beak.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Matt, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other, then see which one fills up quicker.

I've been among the chorus of people saying "bring an Accord wagon" since the old one was killed.

However, I can't abide by a $34k four-banger loaded to the gills with electronic gizmos, VTEC or not (I do 99.9% of my driving below 6k RPM, thanks).

Bring the RDX turbo engine and we'll talk, but I'm not paying a nearly $10k premium over a Jetta 2.0t wagon.