Acura Is Going All-In On Sporty Sedans, Compact Type S Coming In 2022

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During its recent 2020 dealer webinar, Acura laid out a road map to see the company grow its sales through new models and a further expansion of the Type S performance brand. We’ve already seen the launch of the new TLX and TLX Type S sedans, but now we know that Acura is pushing forward with a new MDX three-row crossover, and most importantly a new compact sedan.


While this new compact sedan doesn’t yet have a name, Acura’s current Honda Civic-based ILX sedan (top) exists. It is possible that the new compact could get the ILX name, or perhaps we’ll see the return of the RSX moniker. Or, flying in the face of current Acura three-letter nomenclature, it is possible (however unlikely) that it could be time for the Integra name to return to Acura dealers.

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That MDX Type S could be an interesting mover in the SUV space, as it could get the same 3-liter turbocharged V6 as found in the new TLX Type S. While Acura has not yet released performance figures for this engine, expect something in the 400 pony range.

I wish we knew more about that compact sporty sedan, however. That sounds like it could be an absolute ripper. Is it possible that a compact Acura Type S could carry suspension and drivetrain hardware from the Civic Type R? Give it the madcap 305HP and 295 lb-ft 2.0 turbo engine, mate that up to a dual clutch, and run it to all four wheels with SH-AWD tech, please and thank you very much. Wrap all of that in a more subdued exterior design, and Acura would have a real winner. What’s the point in being an adult if you can’t be a little childish sometimes? And who the hell doesn’t love boost?

As noted by Autoblog, it is interesting that Acura doesn’t mention an RDX Type S on this list. If Acura is going to Type S-ify every other car in its lineup, wouldn’t it make sense to make a performance variant of one of its most popular models? If the MDX gets one, why not the RDX?


Another point of note, the NSX is still perched there atop the Acura lineup. That’s great, because it’s one of the most exciting sports cars on the market right now. I’ve had a few opportunities to drive the NSX, and I’ve loved every single mile. It’s a proper joy, and I’m not ready to see it die just yet. 

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17 Seconds

As someone who bought all three versions of Integra new from the dealer (I was their target demo in my 20's & 30's) if Acura makes manual, hot-hatch that doesn’t look like a Civic I will buy it even though I’m now in my 50's.