Acabion GTBO: the 750bhp, 340mph Enclosed Motorcycle Enters Production

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Forever settling the "Which is faster? Bikes or cars?" debate is the Acabion GTBO. With a top speed of 340mph, it's a full 90mph faster than a Bugatti Veyron. It accelerates from 0 to 300mph in 30 seconds. Oh, and that top speed is limited, not what it'd actually be capable of reaching in perfect circumstances. Best of all, Acabion are ready to start production.


The GTBO is capable of more than just jaw-dropping performance figures. By employing low aerodynamic drag, low weight, and low rolling resistance, it's extremely economical, too. Cruising at 100mph it achieves 100mpg. At 250mph, 25mpg.

The GTBO is the brainchild of Peter Maskus, who sees it as the ultimate long-distance transport solution. In the world Maskus envisions, we'll all be using solar-powered, electric mass-transit for short commutes, creating a need for ultra-fast, ultra-efficient, individual, inter-city, rapid transportation. The GTBO fills that need.

Maskus realizes that the GTBO could never exist in mass quantities in today's world; instead, he pictures the development of an integrated transport network making extremely high speeds both practical and safe. In the meantime, he's prepared to produce the GTBO in extremely limited quantities to further both innovation and awareness of his transport solutions.

If you want a GTBO now, it'll cost you. €1.87million to be precise. Then there's the three-year wait—that's how long Maskus says it'll take to build one. [Via Hell For Leather]


Rob Emslie

Didn't something like this come out about 10 years ago, and Dominoes Pizza bought some to use as delivery vehicles in a publicity stunt? I can't find it on Google, but I'm pretty sure they were shootin' the pies out in something like this.

Also, it looks like a giant suppository.