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Abusive Boyfriend Gets His Car Trashed By Mob At Car Show

The owner of this white Honda Civic hit his girlfriend, dragged her by her hair, and then attempted to run over a crowd of angry onlookers. That's when the mob trashed and flipped his car. Was this justified?


Every Friday night there is a car show at the Dave & Busters parking lot in Farmingdale, NY, on Long Island. Normally there's some street racing, but according to one eyewitness, there were police nearby that night, so no one left to go race.

The Civic owner was reportedly speeding in the parking lot and doing burnouts, then later was seen hitting and dragging his girlfriend by the hair across the parking lot. The eyewitness described what happened next.

Later in the night, the faggot hits his girl in her face, then drags her by her hair across the parking lot. So some guys go up to confront him and a crowd goes around him watching. Well they get into the car and then he goes to do a reverse burn out, trying to hit the crowd of people (I was in the crowd). So after that these 5 suped up F250's chase him around for like 30 minutes, end up surrounding his car.


The owner and his girlfriend fled and his car was beaten, smashed, then flipped, as you can see in the video. Police showed up a half hour later, reportedly arresting the Civic owner, but not arresting the people who flipped his car.

Remember people, don't be assholes at car shows, or you might just get your car flipped.

(Hat tip to Carter!)

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Instead of the Civic being beaten, smashed and flipped, the abusive boyfriend should have been beaten, smashed and flipped.