Absurd Video Shows Upside Down Toyota Land Cruiser Become Runaway Toyota Land Cruiser

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Screenshot: shanghaijeepin (Instagram)

A video has surfaced on the interwebs showing a tractor flipping a rolled-over Toyota Land Cruiser upright. But the SUV diver apparently hadn’t set the park brake, because the off-roader then barrels down a steep hill into thick woods in what has to be among the saddest off-road recoveries I’ve ever seen.


I don’t know much about this video, which I spotted on shanghaijeepin’s Instagram page—a page curated by an American living in Shanghai, and which is filled with videos showing lots of poor off-road driving practices.

This particular clip below, I would guess, was taken near Beijing, since that’s where the Land Cruiser’s front license plate appears to have been issued:

Just look at the gentleman at the end of the clip. He flops his hands up, helplessly watching as the L100 Land Cruiser rolls uncontrollably and quickly down the steep grade and into some trees that are almost surely going to do a lot more damage than the initial rollover did.

Hopefully there was nobody in the woods in the path of this runaway machine, and hopefully there wasn’t anyone left in the vehicle. Because as big of a shitshow as this whole thing looks, these folks at least have a bright side to look at if nobody got hurt.

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I like this version better. Toyota emerges from the trees and climbs the hill... apparently playing chicken with the man, who throws up his arms in defeat. The Land Cruiser then focuses on the front end loader... and in a surprising move, grasps it with some aftermarket tentacle-like appendage... engaging in a sort of tug-of-war. The Toyota is no match for the heavy machinery and promptly loses. The battle, not the war.