About 25% Of Recalled Cars Never Get Fixed

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1st Gear: Remember Everyone On Your Journey Could Be Dumb

Well, give it up to Melissa Burden (via Carfax) today for your ultimate buzzkill:

"Our data suggests that there are 36 million cars that are on the road that have an unfixed recall," said Christopher Basso, public relations manager for Carfax, a company that provides vehicle history reports. "That's all the recalls that don't get fixed year after year, that compound year after year."


GM wants all of its car to get recalled, for obvious PR if not moral reasons, so we'll see how that happens.

2nd Gear: More Fines For GM Recalls?

This got mentioned a bit yesterday but, man GM, how many of these do we have to go through?


The Aug. 30, 2005, e-mail surfaced Wednesday during a House subcommittee hearing on GM's delayed recall of 2.6 million small cars with ignition switch problem. This e-mail outlined a similar issue with a larger car.

Employee Laura Andres wrote that she was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Impala home from work when she hit a bump and the engine stalled on busy Interstate 75 near Detroit. The car behind her had to swerve to avoid a crash. A GM mechanic told her the cause was likely a faulty ignition switch.

"I think this is a serious safety problem … I'm thinking big recall," Andres wrote in an e-mail to 11 GM colleagues.


You can guess what happens next, it's just a matter of whether or not NHTSA is going to get in there.

3rd Gear: Asians Loooooove Steel


Here's an interesting one from Reuters this morning, Hyundai tried to switch to aluminum for its Genesis/K900 sedan but Hyundai is aligned with Hyundai Steel and it was pricey so they didn't do it.

"A really big challenge at the moment for the Asian companies is to find out how they should behave in this context of vehicles coming under more pressure to be lighter," said Truls Thorstensen, president and CEO of EFS Business Consultancy.


Get with the program Asia.

4th Gear: VW Going To Eventually Build SUV In TN


After letting Senator Corker twist in the wind for a while, Volkswagen is apparently near a decision to finally build their big, boring SUV in Tennessee, which they'll find delightfully union free.

The state of Tennessee is offering tax breaks, staff training, free land and infrastructure upgrades worth about $300 million in total, giving it a clear edge over Puebla, Mexico, daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung cited company sources as saying.


You can't stop that Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung from getting the story.

5th Gear: What's Going On At Tata?


The CFO of Tata's finance arm joined a ton of people at the company and decided to up and quit because Tata is having a hell of a time in everything non-Jaguar/Land Rover that it's doing.

Attrition in the automotive space has increased in the last few months not just at Tata Motors but at across the industry. While some of these exits are attributed to work pressures others decided to jump ship for better prospects.

These changes and exits come at a time when the Indian auto sector recorded negative sales in 2013 for the first time since 2002. Some exits are from executives of companies which have fared well in the the challenging times of 2013-14.


Get out while the getting is bad.

Reverse: Ford Signs Contract With Union

After a long and bitter struggle on the part of Henry Ford against cooperation with organized labor unions, Ford Motor Company signs its first contract with the United Automobile Workers of America and Congress of Industrial Organizations (UAW-CIO) on this day in 1941.


Neutral: Have you ever not taken in your car for recall service?

I took my Honda Civic in twice for airbag issues and did it fairly promptly, for obvious reasons.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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