A Video Peek Inside BMW's Secret Motorsport Warehouse

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One week ago, I rediscovered pictures I took inside BMW's closed-to-the-public motorsport museum. Those images were four years old, however, and their pron was limited. Now someone has YouTubed an off-the-cuff video tour of the same building. McLaren overload, anyone?

This slightly nauseating video contains, but is not limited to (take a deep breath if you're reading this out loud):

Several Dixis, a Baroque Angel sedan, the cockpit of a BMW 2002 Turbo, two Z1s, an 850Ci cabriolet, an E12 M535i, the interior of an M1, a "batmobile" 3.0 CSL, a standard 3.0 CSL, BMW's E1 electric city-car concept, an orange E28 5-series with Bavarian crests on it, the BMW Just 4/2 (it looks like a Panoz Roadster), a James Bond 7-series with missiles in its sunroof, a 1600 GT hatchback, F1 cars, the inside of the M1-inspiring safety concept thing, the Alexander Calder CSL, two ProCar M1s, an E46 M3 GTR, a rally-spec E30 M3 with lights on its hood, one of the Touring-built 328 Mille Miglia coupes, an X5 powered by the V-12 from a Le Mans prototype, and more McLaren F1s than you can shake Gordon Murray's ego at. (Whew.)


Also, there are several Germans talking in English with wonderfully thick accents. And the camera operator climbs inside almost everything he sees. This is worth the ten minutes.

(Hat tip to Gustav!)